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The Mercedes C-Class Coupe encapsulates all the excellence of the sedan, packaged in an attractive exterior. Discover why it stands out as one of the most desirable mid-size coupes with our expert review.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe review

When it comes to running costs, the pricing of the C-Class Coupe aligns closely with its sporty counterparts from Audi and BMW. However, it's worth noting that these rivals offer more affordable trim levels, making them more accessible for buyers not prioritizing the sportiest option. In terms of fuel economy, CO2 emissions, insurance groupings, and resale values, the figures are quite similar across the board. Therefore, if you're torn between the Mercedes and its main competitors, financial considerations are unlikely to be the deciding factor.

In terms of reliability, the C-Class has consistently performed well in Mercedes' lineup. Recent customer satisfaction surveys, such as JD Power, have ranked the C-Class among the top performers in its class. While the overall Mercedes brand may fall in the lower half of the survey, the C-Class stands out with better-than-average ratings in reliability and customer satisfaction. Similarly, the Warranty Direct reliability survey has shown the C-Class to outperform most rivals, with lower repair costs and less time off the road. Although Mercedes' premium brand status is reflected in labor costs, the unlimited mileage offered within the three-year warranty period can be advantageous for high-mileage drivers.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe review

When it comes to safety, the C-Class Coupe impresses with a comprehensive airbag system, including a knee airbag for added protection. Standard features C-Class like the collision prevention system, which includes automatic emergency braking, provide a baseline level of safety. However, for advanced safety features, there's the option of the Driving Assistance Pack, incorporating technology derived from the S-Class luxury saloon. This package includes sophisticated cruise control systems that enhance safety by adjusting speed for junctions, roundabouts, and bends, as well as maintaining lane discipline and preventing lane changes in the presence of vehicles in blind spots. Additionally, it can bring the vehicle to a complete stop using adaptive cruise control in traffic situations.

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