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Honda Fit: Installation (Part -3)

  1. Remove the vinyl tape from the connectors.

  1. Connect the EPS motor angle sensor 8P connector (A), torque sensor 6P connector (B) to the steering gearbox.

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  3. Pull down the lever (C) of the EPS motor 3P connector (D), then confirm the connector is fully seated.

  1. Remove the universal lifting eyelet (07AAK-SNAA120)   and 1.8 support bolt (07AAK-SNAA500).

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  1. Install the air cleaner housing.

  1. Install the under cowl panel and cowl cover.

  1. Connect the stabilizer links to the stabilizer bar   on both sides.

  1. Wipe off any grease contamination from the tapered section and threads of the tie-rod end ball joint. Reconnect the tie-rod end ball joints (A) to the knuckles. Install the nuts (B), and tighten to the specified torque on both sides.

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  3. Install a new cotter pin (C), and bend it as shown.

  1. Wipe off any grease contamination from the lower arm ball joint tapered section and thread. Then reconnect the lower arm (A) to the knuckle. Install the new castle nut (B) and tighten it on both sides.


    • Be careful not to damage the lower ball joint boot (C). Check the ball joint boot for deformation before connecting the knuckle.

    • Torque the castle nut to the lower torque specification, then tighten it only far enough to align the slot with the joint pin clip hole. Do not align the castle nut by loosening it.

  2. @font-face{font-family: "Honda_SymbolMarkeng";src:url(/statics/ho_prod_2/txt/Honda_SymbolMark_enu3.txt);}@font-face{font-family: "Honda_Special_Symbols";src:url(/statics/ho_prod_2/txt/Honda_Special_Symbols2.txt);} DACB14 x 2.0 mm64-74 NВ·m(6.5-7.5 kgfВ·m, 47-55 lbfВ·ft)Replace.
  3. Install the lock pin (D) on both sides.

  4. Install the front wheels, then set the wheels in the straight ahead position.

    NOTE: Before installing the wheel, clean the mating surfaces between the brake disc and the inside of the wheel.


  1. Cut the wire (A), while holding the lower slide shaft on the steering column.

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  3. Slip the lower end of the steering joint (B) onto the pinion shaft (C) taking care to align the gap (D) within the angle shown.

  1. Remove the steering wheel holder tool (A).

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  1. Align the bolt hole (A) on the steering joint with the groove (B) around the pinion shaft, then loosely install the lower steering joint bolt (C). Be sure that the joint bolt is securely in the groove in the pinion shaft.

  2. @font-face{font-family: "Honda_SymbolMarkeng";src:url(/statics/ho_prod_2/txt/Honda_SymbolMark_enu3.txt);}@font-face{font-family: "Honda_Special_Symbols";src:url(/statics/ho_prod_2/txt/Honda_Special_Symbols2.txt);} ABC8 x 1.25 mm28 NВ·m(2.9 kgfВ·m, 21 lbfВ·ft)
  3. Pull on the steering joint to make sure that the steering joint is fully seated, then tighten the lower joint bolt to the specified torque.

  1. Install the steering joint cover (A).

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  3. Do the battery terminal reconnection procedure.

  4. After installation, check these items:

    • Start the engine, allow it to idle, and turn the steering wheel from lock to lock several times.

    • Check that the EPS indicator does not come on.

    • Check the steering wheel spoke angle. If steering spoke angles to the right and left are not equal (steering wheel and rack are not centered), correct the engagement of the joint/pinion shaft serrations, then adjust the front toe by turning the tie-rod ends, if necessary.

  5. Check the wheel alignment, and adjust it if necessary.

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