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Honda Fit: Reassembly

  1. Install the upper spring seat (A) to the upper spring seat clip (B).

    NOTE: Make sure to securely set the upper spring seat to the hook (C) on the spring seat clip.

  3. Install the bump stop (D) and the dust cover (E) to the upper spring seat.

    NOTE: Push the bump stop and the dust cover into the dent (F) of the upper spring seat securely.

  1. Install the damper spring (A) on the upper spring seat clip (B) by aligning the upper end (C) of the damper spring with the ledge portion (D) of the upper spring seat clip.

  2. BCAD
  3. Install the spring seat cushion on the damper spring.

  4. Compress the damper spring.

  1. Install all the parts except the nut and the damper bearing onto the damper unit (A) by referring to the Exploded View.

  2. A
  1. Align the raised portion (A) of the spring seat cushion and the hole (B) of the lower spring seat on the damper unit (C).

    NOTE: After reassembling the damper/spring, install the dust cover (D) into the damper unit as shown.

  2. CABD

  1. Install the damper bearing onto the damper shaft.

  1. Compress the damper spring until the position (A) of the damper shaft (B) comes in contact with the damper bearing. Do not excessively compress the damper spring.

    NOTE: Make sure the distance of the rod is 44 mm (1.73 in) from the upper surface of the bearing.

  2. ADB44 mm(1.73 in)C12 x 1.25 mm34 NВ·m (3.5 kgfВ·m,25 lbfВ·ft)
  3. Install the nut (C).

  4. Hold the damper shaft with a hex wrench (D), and tighten the nut to the specified torque.

  5. Remove the damper/spring from the strut spring compressor.

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