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Honda Fit: Dashboard/Steering Hanger Beam Disassembly/Reassembly (Page-1)

Special Tools Required


  1. Remove the dashboard/steering hanger beam.

  1. Remove these items from the dashboard:

    • Instrument panel

    • Gauge control module

    • Dashboard center lower cover

    • Audio unit, without navigation system ('9-11 models)

    • Audio unit, without navigation system ('12-13 model)

    • Audio-navigation unit, with navigation system ('9-11 models)

    • Audio-navigation unit, with navigation system ('12-13 model)

    • Heater control panel, without A/C

    • Heater-A/C control panel, with A/C

    • GPS antenna, with navigation system

    • Dashboard center lower trim

    • Passenger's tray lid

    • Side vent

    • Passenger's airbag

  1. On the front of the driver's side of the dashboard, detach the harness clip (A).

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  1. On the back of both sides of the dashboard, disconnect the tweeter connectors (A), then detach the harness clips (B) from both sides. The driver's side is shown; the passenger's side is similar.

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  1. With navigation system ('9-11 models): On the back of the passenger's side of the dashboard, disconnect the USB subharness connector (A) from the USB adapter unit (B), then release the USB subharness (C) from the harness clip (D).

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  1. With navigation system: On the passenger's side of the dashboard, release the hooks (A), then remove the USB subharness holder (B) along with the USB subharness (C).

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  1. From the back of the dashboard (A), release the hooks (B), and remove the center joint duct (C).

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