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Honda Fit: Listening to Voice Guidance

► VOICE MAP MENU (on map)

As you approach each guidance point, a pop-up window is displayed on the map screen with instructions for you to follow. Voice guidance for each guidance point is also provided.

Typically, you hear three prompts: • 1/2 mile from the guidance point (2 miles on freeway)> • 1/4 mile from the guidance point (1.2 miles on freeway)> • Just before the guidance point

To replay voice guidance, select VOICE on the map menu.

If you select VOICE on the map menu between guidance points, voice guidance for the next guidance point is provided.

You can turn voice guidance off if you prefer. “Voice” (on the map screen)

You can turn voice guidance off if you prefer.

When driving in unverified areas, the phrase “if possible” is inserted before each voice guidance prompt.

VOICE on the map menu may be grayed out if the vehicle is approaching or is in an unverified area with Unverified Area Routing set to Off.

The timing of voice guidance varies depending on the type of road you are on and the distance to the next guidance point.

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